Cheshire Garden Guy has recently trimmed the hedges in the family garden of a Macclesfield customer’s home, as well as tidying the leylandii hedge at the front.

In the Back Garden

Part leylandii and part privet wrapping two sides of the back garden, the customer wanted to take around a foot from the top of the privet to even out the height of both parts of the hedge — no problem for the privet hedges, which are hardy enough to resist heavy pruning.

While their ability to take a big trim means it can be tempting to let them grow, this type of hedge benefits from being trimmed and shaped regularly, as it promotes a full and bushy texture.

In the Front Garden


The well-established, thick leylandii in the front garden has been tidied up and shaped to leave a sharp top, providing the customer with a welcoming impression for their visitors.

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